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Still Kicking!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Dear Saints,

You may have noticed a conspicuous "silence" from me over the last 45 days or so, at least concerning this forum! I wanted you all to know that things should be getting back to normal soon, and we so appreciate your prayers.

To be frank, we were facing a family crisis with one of our children struggling with mental health issues, and we even ended up in the ER last weekend unexpectedly. Satan is using all of his tricks on the saints, isn't he?

However, God be praised for all of HIs grace and mercy! We feel like we now have the situation stabilized, and we're ready for the next phase of forward motion toward healing. We are not out of the dark yet, but we do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Through all this time, the Lord has provided the help we need, and we haven't had to miss a podcast episode or Sunday message yet, thankfully. The next month's newsletter is on schedule, and we have more exciting guest interviews coming as well.

Please keep us in your prayers, and know that we pray for you all as well, and thank God for your support!

In Christ,

Bro. Scott

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