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The Seeker Vol.10


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The Days Are Evil

Jan. 6 political prisoners, UFO disclosures, systemic attacks on our food and shipping infrastructures, leaders pushing nations into another world war, the monetary system about to collapse, an increase in the frequency of the murder of the innocent, gender confusion, prosecutorial abuse of political targets, the calling of good, evil and evil, good, nanotechnology to provide immortality by 2030:

Without question, the days are evil. 2030 seems to be an important date to the satanic global elite. Perhaps we should consider it and the times in which we live.

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The Times and the Seasons

“But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.” Paul wrote these words in 1 Thessalonians 5:1. Was he telling the saints they did not need to know about times and seasons? If so, why admonish the church with “let us watch and be sober?” in Verse 6? For what is the church watching? What was the Apostle telling us about the times and the seasons?

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Brother Scott Answers Your Question

Hey Scott,

I just listened to your podcast on the Sins of the Father. I felt almost like you were talking about me. I have been through the sleep paralysis so many times. Usually there are black entities that are around me and jumping on me, getting in my face. I try to scream and fight back, but I can’t do anything.

I also have been dealing with anxiety, OCD, and depression since I was 17. I went through a period in my life after I got married and had my kids where I just wanted to drink, and party, and mess around with other men. It ultimately led to my divorce, and I carry that guilt with me still today, even after going to confession. I prayed so much for the craving of alcohol to be taken from me, and it finally was, about four years ago. I do still struggle with anxiety and OCD. I pray every day for God to heal me from them, and give me peace of mind, and fill me full of life. I truly think I am under a generational curse, (my father was a heavy drinker as well) and now my son drinks quite a bit. I am scared he is going to choose a bad path. How do I break this curse? Please pray for me and my family. Any advice would be so appreciated.

I actually have one more question. Is doing Reiki healing a bad thing? I thought it would help me, so I tried it. I spoke with a priest who is a friend of our family, (he’s a mystic) and he said I should never do that because you don’t know what you’re being opened up to, and to always use Jesus first for your healing. I am not questioning him, I really look up to him, but I am just confused, because I thought it would help us heal and raise our consciousness.

- Sarah

Dear Sarah,