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The Seeker Vol.11


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Unclean Spirits and Human Proxies Today

As things get crazy in this country and around the world, it is clear to many that we are either in or approaching the last days. Just as there was an explosion of demonic activity in the time of Christ’s first appearance in Israel, so shall there be a proliferation of demonic activity before He returns in His glorious appearing. We are seeing the manifestation of unclean spirits and human/Nephilim hybrids now!

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Misunderstanding Christ’s Ministry to Israel

It is this author’s humble opinion that there would be no debate about the rapture being pre- or post-tribulation if Christians would properly rightly divide the word of truth. I believe many in the Church have lost sight of the unique purpose of Christ’s earthly ministry to Israel. Because of this, they miss the two distinct messages to the two folds of the Church: the National Salvation Program of Israel, and the Dispensation of Grace. Let’s sort this out, shall we?

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