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The Seeker Vol.12


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The Knowledge of Good

and Evil

Believers, as well as people in general, sometimes wonder where evil came from, or why God permitted evil to occur in the first place? It’s a fair question, and one I will attempt to address today.


Feeling the Elephant - The Mt. of Olives

There is an ancient story from India about several blind men who encounter an elephant. Each touch a part of the beast and describe it differently: One grabs the tail and thinks it is a rope, one holds its trunk and claims it is a snake, one touches its side and believes it’s a wall. They are each wrong, because they cannot see the animal for what it is. They are blind and feeling the elephant.


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Brother Scott Answers Your Question

Scott, Today we listened to Episode 138 - Light Communing With Darkness. I (Cindy) was very disturbed and had to stop listening and act upon my feelings. You see I realized that I had an idol in my home. Years ago (back in the 80's) I received a wooden carved image of a person with four arms. This thing was very old. My father in law brought it back to the USA in the 50's and it was an antique when he purchased it. It came with a story of being a spoke in a chariot wheel. It was expertly carved, very heavy and always caught someone's eye. It was a conversation piece and I appreciated it's artfulness.

A few years ago I looked up the image on the internet and discovered that it was Ganesha the four armed Hindu god. I felt uneasy about it and removed it from the wall in our home and ever since it has been out of sight in the garage. I contacted antique roadshow and they were curious to see some pictures. I contacted the Dayton Art Institute and they were interested in accepting it as a donation because they have a large collection of India art and artifacts. I even had someone want to buy it from me. But I didn't do anything with it; it has just been in the garage wrapped up in an old t-shirt.

Today, I finally did something with it. Dave and I burned it! It is still burning in the fire pit outside as I type this message. We prayed together and asked God to forgive us for having that in our home. I'm so sorry I ever owned that idol and I'm sorry it was an insult to my heavenly Father. It was never my intent to worship a false god. I ask God to forgive me and give me wisdom to avoid future mistakes. I don't want anyone viewing that idol and talking about its fine craftsmanship or what the image represents. I don't want to give focused attention to a false god as it could encourage someone to seek the god for their personal worship.

I want to thank you for your message today and for saying the hard words people don't like to hear. Sometimes people need to be enlightened. Thanks again for what you're doing.

- Your Sister and Brother in Christ,

Cindy and Dave Z.

Dear Cindy and Dave,

Just got your message, and I am constantly amazed at how the Lord works in our lives. What a testimony of your faithfulness and willingness to be obedient to the truth of God’s Word!

First, I praise God for the effective working of His Spirit to reach your hearts through our podcast. Second, we thank you for your action! You certainly could have made a profit or donated the idol, but you chose to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit and burned the unclean thing. Who knows what “spirit” was attached to that relic?

Finally, I pray that you take comfort in the knowledge that all our sins were forgiven at the cross, including the ones we do tomorrow. The Lord will certainly honor and bless your actions today, and I know I am greatly edified by what you shared. We are not held accountable for that which we didn’t know, but once we are made aware of our error, then we have a choice. You both chose to honor your Savior and not have fellowship with darkness, and this brings glory and honor to Jesus and the Father!

May you have peace in knowing some light shined through you today by sharing this amazing story.

Yours in Christ,

Bro. Scott


It's Dennis again.

Thanks again for being so patient with me. My friend Mike (who now enjoys your podcast as well) had a question related to tattoos, tingon their acceptability between, say, years ago in the 50's or 60’s, and/or are they misled into getting tattoos as being not contrary to biblical scripture? I have cc'd him if you don't mind.

Thanks, Scott.

btw: can't wait for your homepage and T shirts :)

And John is great on your show, helps make a good team and glad you guys have a sense or humor, too.

- Dennis

Hi, Dennis.

Thanks for the kind words!

I think the passage of Scripture most people refer to about tattoos is Leviticus 19:28, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.” While I am not familiar with the origin of tattoos, it would not surprise me if the practice started as a demonic ritual. However, I don’t know that people who get tattoos today are actually engaging in the practice of cutting or marking their flesh for “the dead.” It seems to be decorative in nature, though I find them completely unappealing. The dead in the context would be demons, the disembodied spirits of the dead Nephilim. So I can see why God forbade the practice.

That said, we live in a dispensation of grace where we are not under the law, and this admonition was according to the law. Your friend Mike might just want to pray about the issue, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on how he should entertain getting more tattoos, if he has them already. I do know this, in Christ we are a new creature, and old things are passed away!

In Christ,

Bro. Scott



I have a question for you. Not sure if you have gone over this or not as I’m just getting started with your podcast, but here you go: When did the Jewish people stop sacrificing animals, and why?

I know that we as Christians don’t sacrifice animals, as Christ is our sacrifice. I appreciate any input you may have on this.

- Rhonda

Hi, Rhonda.

Thanks for writing! The Jewish people would have stopped sacrificing animals in 70 AD, when the armies of Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. There was no longer a Holy Place or altar upon which to offer sacrifices, and there will not be until the Temple is rebuilt.

And, as you stated, for us Jesus Christ is the final sacrifice for sins!

In Christ,

Bro. Scott


Podcast Listener Testimonials

I wanted to reach to you to tell you how grateful we are for your podcast and everything you’re teaching to spread the truth.

-Onice and Ira W.

Hi. I have recently found your podcast and I am loving it! I love the podcast and it has given me so much revelation and I am gaining so much knowledge! Thank you!

-Sheila K.

I just found your podcast and have shared it with my daughter. We are so fascinated with the information you have shared. We've started from the very first podcast and are listening and amazed at the information you've shared. I've read the Bible all my life but the things you have shared have made it come to life much more! Thank you so much!

-Lisa J. G.

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