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The Seeker Vol.9

Updated: May 4, 2023


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Blurry Con Takeaways

While our Bible Mysteries Declassified: Debriefing 2023 video is receiving its final

edits for downloading, Scott had the privilege of attending Blurry Con in Nashville, Tennessee! Nate and Luke of the Blurry Creatures podcast put on an excellent conference, and Scott shares his takeaways with you.


The Sins of the Father

I have slowly come to better understand the reality of the spiritual battle we face in Ephesians 6:12. Many years of focusing on Bible doctrine caused me to only pay lip service to the idea that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers.” I have always acknowledged this battle, but I never conceived of it as spiritual wickedness physically manifesting itself. The Lord is revealing to me just how physical these principalities truly are!


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Brother Scott Answers Your Question

Hey Scott,

I was under the impression that the Book of Enoch was part of the original canon of the Bible but was removed by the Council of Laodicea in A.D. 364. Is this true? If it is true, do you think it was removed for nefarious reasons? That’s my guess. On the other hand, I think God preserved His Word. I go back and forth on this. The book of Enoch explains so much of this lost ancient technology and the monolithic structures we have worldwide. How I was taught the pyramids were constructed doesn’t make any sense. There is no way they carved those stones by hand, let alone moved them. Some of those stones are 1500 tons or 3,000,000 lbs. Can you imagine trying to move those with ropes? lol. Let’s say each person can pull or push 100 lbs: that’s 30,000 people to move that rock. Also, with friction, it would probably take more to move it. I don’t think we could build the pyramids today, even with our technology.

Keep up the great work,


Hi, Brent.

I am unaware that the Book of Enoch was ever accepted by the Hebrew scholars as a part of the Torah or Tanakh. Many apocryphal books are historically significant and may have been fully known by the Jews, but I don’t know if they were ever considered Holy Scripture. I believe the Hebrew Canon of Scriptures was codified around 400 BC and essentially comprises the Masoretic Text. The excluded books were always considered controversial long before the Council of Laodicea.

I don’t know if these books were excluded for nefarious reasons by any of the canon councils. I know the Council of Nicea was to stop Alexandrian or gnostic heresies from infiltrating the church. I suspect the other councils had similar goals: to keep the gospel and scriptures pure from the many heresies that surrounded the church.

I happily use the apocryphal books to help illustrate points, but I don’t rely on them as Scripture. It’s fun to speculate, and I do give the Book of Enoch a bit more weight since it’s literally cited in Jude and 2 Peter. However, I always rely on the preserved Word of God for doctrinal positions.

I do agree with you that Enoch carries much strength to explain the pyramids, advanced technologies, and other things in the ancient world that modern archeologists deny! It’s also the only source of understanding where demons come from. It is valuable, therefore, and historically significant. However, I won’t stake my life on it!



Hi, Scott

I was thinking… (yes, I do that a lot) that there was a time when I could go to Bible study as often as there was a group meeting. I attended services twice on Sunday. I loved it! Now life has changed, and the World has changed. It’s a little harder to attend church as often as I once did. The Church (at least my church and many I have attended) are not conducting services more than once on Sunday, and in most churches, it’s hard to find them even having a prayer meeting during the week.

What happened to the inconvenience of serving God? The Sacrifice of reaching the lost? Today there isn't much available for people to find Jesus other than a church whose doors are locked most of the time. Today the world is hurting. The world needs healing. The world needs prayer. Most of all, the world needs Jesus! The World needs light to shine through the darkness to guide them to the narrow road.

The “Christian” community has lost its way. We have become a part of the world and don’t even see it. We have become blind and fearful of sharing Jesus with others. We keep Jesus to ourselves like a child who selfishly refuses to share their candy. We have locked God in a box!

I am gonna pray that the “coffee houses” reopen. I am gonna pray that the tent revival meetings start again. I am gonna pray that God raises up street preachers and places them on every corner! I am gonna pray that not only do the churches grow beyond max capacity but that the doors are unlocked 24-7. I am gonna pray for revival! I am gonna pray that we share Jesus again and again and again. I ask you, are we disciples of Jesus or just His jailkeepers? Will you join me in praying for revival?

Proverbs 31:9 Speak up, judge righteously,

and defend the rights of the afflicted and oppressed.


Dear Doug,

I join you in praying for believers to take a stand against satanic oppression and government dictate! Since I truly believe we are near the last days, I’m unsure what a revival might entail. The Lord is about to take His Church out of this world and pour out His wrath. If there is to be any revival, Christians must grow bold to proclaim the gospel amidst the coming persecution and deception that is about to be revealed. There is little time left! I join you in prayer for boldness and courage among the saints!



Hey Pastor Scott!

New listener to your podcast. I just finished The Cross was a Tree episode. I wanted to ask a question: Can you be attacked spiritually in your dreams? Many say no, but I am not convinced of that. I have been having lots of dreams lately that involve lots of scary things revolving around the Bible, Satan, and trying to get away from Satan. I was curious if it was just my subconscious or can the devil really attack us in our dreams. Maybe there's something in the Bible. I looked but was not sure where to look that could direct me. Thank you, pastor Scott! I love your podcast!


Hi, Erica.

I truly believe satan can and does attack us in our dreams. I know of no verse of Scripture that proves this, but since we know God has spoken to men in dreams, it’s not a stretch to think the adversary could use the same mechanism.

What do we know for sure? God allowed satan to attack Job’s family and his flesh. Satan was limited by God, but God allowed Job to become vulnerable for His test. God allowed a lying spirit to convince Ahab to go to battle to fulfill the prophecy that King Ahab would be killed. God sent an evil spirit to trouble King Saul. If satan and demons are allowed to afflict us, can speak through prophets, and trouble us in the daytime, why would they not be able to oppress us while we sleep?

I discuss this briefly in this month's newsletter article, but I suffered from recurring nightmares as a child. They often involved demons and a sense of being “possessed.” On more than one occasion, I experienced sleep paralysis where I was awake in bed, yet I could not move, speak or open my eyes. However, I was “watching” my body levitate off the bed, out of my room, and down a dark hallway toward blackness. It has horrifying! Strangely enough, I recently learned that my brother experienced the exact same recurring nightmares as a child as well. The only difference was that he saw an evil entity at the end of the dark hallway.

Once I got saved, these dreams stopped. In fact, before I was even saved, I began to go to a Bible study, and the dreams stopped. I believe learning who satan truly is and how he operates erased the fear, and the nightmares stopped. However, the oppression of unclean spirits follows me to this day, as all saints are attacked by satan, especially when they are being effective for Christ’s sake. It took years to realize that I needed to pray daily for God to place a mantle or covering of protection around my family, myself, and my children. Since we are fighting against principalities and powers, we need the armor of God to stand!

Sometimes I think children are attacked in these dreams to see if they can be lured into the occult darkness, new age deception, or worse. I thank God there was a godly influence in my life in my grandparents, whom I don’t doubt prayed for me and gently guided me to come to know the Lord. This is because my parents were not saved and never darkened the door of a church. It’s very likely that, if not for the intercession and prayer of my grandparents, I may have succumbed to evil spirits to delve into black magic, drugs, or who knows what to fill the missing void in my life.

Thankfully, there is a God-shaped hole in every one of us that only Jesus Christ can fill! If dreams are troubling you, call on the Lord to cover and protect you. Ask that the Lord rebuke whatever may be haunting you in the name of Jesus. Perhaps even investigate whether a spiritual portal was opened by an ancestor that allowed a demonic entity to plague your family, if that may be the case. The power of Jesus’ name and His shed blood is stronger than anything the enemy can muster!

Bro. Scott


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