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There are secrets in the Bible the world doesn’t want you to know! The world is fast approaching the end game, and we need to reveal the coming deception before time runs out.

Freedom of speech is under attack, and evil elements within governments and multinational
corporations are trying to prevent you from learning the truth. Help us use the Satanic Global Elite’s own tools against them! Subscribe to Bible Mysteries Premium Podcast so the
controlled media can’t shut us down. We will use our own platforms to help expose them and keep you informed!

Subscribe to Bible Mysteries Premium and get every current episode ad free! You also get full access to our special guest interviews and special events, downloadable show notes, our Bible Mysteries monthly newsletter and access to the community forum where we answer your questions!

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The Bible Mysteries Podcast Premium Subscription includes:
Ad free episodes
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A Bible Mysteries monthly newsletter with premium articles and videos
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Full access to our special guest interviews and special events (Non-subscribers only get a portion of the interview)
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Downloadable PDF Show Notes
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Access to the community forum where we answer your questions
Bible Mysteries
Scott Mitchell

Did you ever wonder why the Bible is hard to understand?

What if God wrote the Bible in such a way as to hide a deep secret from Satan and his angels?

Bible Mysteries unlocks the secrets in the Bible! Join Scott and John as they guide you through ancient mysteries that reveal much about what is going on in your world today.

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